Nov. 17th

UC Berkeley

About BCF
Berkeley China Forum (BCF) is a non-profit forum initiated by undergraduate students in University of California, Berkeley. BCF is the first student-organized event on Berkeley campus that spotlights discussions of contemporary Chinese issues. We aim to create a platform for students, scholars, professionals and entrepreneurs to discuss on-going events, opportunities and challenges in China so that participants can gain new perspectives on the rapid social and economic transformations taking place. Ultimately, it is our hope that this forum will inspire participants to become the next generation of change-makers.

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  • Alex NieIP in China
  • chrisEntrepreneurship
  • Gang HeCleantech
  • Han ShenClean tech
  • Wang HaohongDoing Business With China
  • JamesZhangEntrepreneurship
  • JohnYuEntrepreneurship
  • Kelvin ChanBamboo ceiling
  • Lilly HuangDoing Business with China
  • Randy WilliamsRandy Williams
  • Ruming LiuIP in China
  • Skip WhitneyDoing Business with China
  • Stephanie XuDoing Business with China
  • Stephen M. YoungKeynote Speaker
  • George ZhaoEntrepreneurship
  • Crystal Chang
  • Lowell Dittmer
  • Michael Jin
  • Tao Huang
Alex Nie1 chris2 Gang He3 Han Shen4 Wang Haohong5 JamesZhang6 JohnYu7 Kelvin Chan8 Lilly Huang9 Randy Williams10 Ruming Liu11 Skip Whitney12 Stephanie Xu13 Stephen M. Young14 George Zhao15 Crystal Chang16 Lowell Dittmer17 Michael Jin18 Tao Huang19
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